The process of steering a venture from seed to success involves a lot more than capital infusion. Since our investment process relies on the support of our members along with the networking and mentoring opportunities provided by TiE Tampa Bay, only Charter Members who are accredited investors may become investors through TTBAF, and all applicants are encouraged to keep their membership current with TiE Tampa Bay.

Investment Criteria

The following are some of TTBAF’s Investment Criteria.

  • The fund will consider equity funding or convertible notes for startups in the Seed and Angel rounds up to Series A.
  • Positions will consist of $50k – 200k investments
  • Geographically, the focus is on startups who were “born” in this region, or plan major operations/expansion/pilot, etc. in the region. Our primary focus is on the Greater Tampa Bay Area and adjacent counties within driving distance for effective mentoring and support of the entrepreneurs by our members, although we will consider startups with such ties statewide, particularly the I-4 corridor and Central Florida cities such as Gainesville, Ocala, etc.
  • Philosophically, TTBAF will invest in sectors where our investor or mentor network has demonstrated expertise and can contribute ideas, introductions, and hard-won perspective to portfolio companies.  Currently, those sectors include healthcare, mobile, hospitality, and finance. We will update our list as our Investment Committee and Mentor Panel evolves.
  • TTBAF will focus on startups with a plausible path to large scale. The fund is not meant to invest in businesses with obvious or relatively low market ceilings or that can only scale/replicate in a linear, capital-intensive fashion.
  • Strong preference for ventures with a plan to stabilize from phase to phase. TTBAF will have a strong preference for startups who can draw a line from Series A funding uses to a potential break-even business. This is meant as a litmus test, not a condition of investment.

Getting started

All applications will be received and processed through Gust.  If you meet the criteria above, please use the button below, or click here to get started.